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Medical Card Patient Fees

Charges will be requested from all medical card holders in respect of services NOT covered by the General Medical Services Scheme. 

Items not covered that will require payment

  • Full medicals
  • Drivers License Medical / Vision assessments
  • Medical Card Review forms
  • Any Support / Private referral letters
  • Non essential blood tests (e.g. 3 monthly cholesterol tests)
  • Warfarin testing (Free HSE Clinic Alternative Available)
  • Wound dressing (Free HSE Clinic alternative Available)
  • Non Social Welfare form completion
  • Support letters
  • Private Sickness Certificates
  • Minor Surgery

What will not change

  • Access to a doctor in an emergency
  • Appointments with your chosen doctor within 48hrs
  • Children under 16 will be seen on the same day if clinically appropriate
  • Access to most Nurse Services



A full list of our charges can be seen by clicking

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