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Coole Chartered Physiotherapy
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Let us help you help yourself, using evidence based and experience approaches to your needs.

Providing Physiotherapy for Preventative/Rehabilitative/Health Maintenance by qualified staff,
Roseann Turpin Butler MISCP, Bsc NYU, Chartered Physiotherapist, New York State Licensed/Registered Physical Therapist

Self referrals and doctor referrals welcome.

Modified Pilates (APPI METHOD ) classes Wednesday eves 7:30 and Wednesday morning 11:15am from Sept to June.

6 weeks  • €70
(discount for rejoiners €60)

Acupuncture for pain relief and musculoskeletal injury treatment available now

Private Physiotherapy/Acupuncture
40 min session • €50.00

We offer over 20 years of physiotherapy experience to you specializing in :

  • Manual therapy “hands on” gentle massage and mobilization techniques
  • Spinal dysfunction evaluation and treatment (neck and back pain problems soft tissue /alignments problems identified and addressed)
  • Traction for disc /nerve compression relief – manual and mechanical to neck and low back
  • Personalized home exercise prescription to address pain weakness and restricted movement
  • Modified PILATES methods used (as taught by APPI, Australian pilates and physiotherapy institute)– pilates is evidenced based mind /body method to rehabilitate low back and postural problems by improving core and shoulder stability, breathing and movement control
  • Sports and Neuro Orthopaedic Medicine
  • Sports injury rehabilitation /PREVENTION- sprains/strains of ligaments/muscles/tendons/joints- spine/hip/knee/ankle/foot/shoulder/elbow /wrist/hand
  • Sports/ supportive/kinesio taping
  • Appropriate Sports support braces measured and ordered
  • ORTHOTICS/INSOLES Custom moulded incorporating evaluation and treatment of Biomechanical Abnormalities ( back/hip knee ankle foot pain/problems)
  • Post joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Hand/wrist therapy
  • Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Muscle imbalance and postural problems
  • Women’s health
  • Pre/Post Natal exercise using Modified PILATES methods
  • Continence training
  • Core Strengthening using Modified Pilates techniques/
  • Postural Correction of movement impairments
  • Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST/Bowen method) Massage


  • To relieve pain and improve flexibility and fitness to those with
  • Arthritis/osteoporosis/back pain/asthma/hypertension/diabetes
  • Work related injury prevention/Management


  • Supervised small classes evenings
  • Individual/Group classes for core stability strengthening using
  • Circuit training- timed interval training on exercise equipment focusing on cardiovascular fitness, core fitness/strengthening and flexibility .
  • Group classes held twice weekly on Mon and Thursdays for 6 weeks blocks €60/block