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Special Services

We are in a unique position to be able to offer our patients a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Minor Surgery

DCHC provides for surgical care and advice on all forms of minor surgical procedure. Examples include: moles, lumps, growths, joint injections, in growing toe-nails and certain types of skin cancer.


We are able to give opinions on treatment and /or diagnose and investigate more common skin conditions. Appropriate referrals for specialist opinions can also be arranged if required.


This technology uses liquid nitrogen to treat common skin problems such as warts, verruca and skin blemishes and early skin cancer.

‘See and Treat’

We extend our service and facilities to all local GP’s through our ‘see and treat’ service. Your regular GP can refer you to DCHC to avail of any of the services that we offer; in particular minor surgery and dermatology. You will be guaranteed an appointment within 7 days, and in most cases, treated on the same day. We will write to your own GP and inform them of the service you have received and any follow up arranged.


Vasectomy is a permanent method of male contraception. It is safe, effective and ideal for men who have completed their families or for those who do not want to have any children. It is carried out under local anaesthetic.

Travel Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive travel vaccine service. We will take a detailed history of your travel plans, your travel vaccine history and current health, providing you with a written summary of your needs. We administer all travel vaccinations.


Physiotherapy services are provided by, Coole Chartered Physiotherapy. Referrals will be made as required. Self referrals can be made directly to Coole Chartered Physiotherapy.

STI Screening

STI can affect sexually active males and females of all ages. At DCHC we offer a discrete and confidential service covering all aspects of your sexual health.

A screening usually includes blood tests and urine analysis, swabs may be taken for bacterial infections.

The STI screening consists of testing for the following infections;

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis A B &C
  • HIV/Aids
  • Examination for genital warts

If you are worried or concerned about your sexual health please call today and make appointment with any of our doctors, who will offer you advice, support and treatment on all aspects of your sexual health.