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Advice on baby/child care/checks, Family diet and exercise, childhood immunisations & hearing tests Nurse Dublin City Childcare Committee - Childcare Online - HSE MyChild ...
Blood Pres sue Nurse
Weighing, Diets, Find your ideal weight Dietitian/Doctor
Help with smoking and alcohol Doctor Quit smoking -
Help with anxiety, worries, depression, relationship problems, sexual problems, bereavement,
problems with children
Travel advice and immunisations Nurse/Doctor
Go to travel vaccinations page
Dressings, removal of stitches, incontinence Nurse
Tetanus injection Nurse/Doctor
Hepatitis B vaccine (if you’re at risk, e.g. gay, Intravenous drug user) Nurse
Help with starting a family, Advice before you get pregnant Doctor
Cervical smear, (every 5 years) Nurse/Doctor
Breast checks, learn to do-it- yourself breast exam
Family planning, morning after contraception Doctor IFPA logo
Maternity care Doctor
Home help, meals on wheels, welfare and employment advice, Mobility allowance,
travel passes, disabled driver sticker
Social Services
Public Health Nurse HSE
Suggestions or complaints Go to complaints page