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Travel Vaccinations

DCHC provide travel health advice on anti-malarials, vaccinations and disease prevention for people travelling abroad. We advise that you leave ample time prior to travelling in order to receive your vaccines and travel advice.

Our service

  • Individually tailored travel vaccination advice
  • Ordering of Special vaccines
  • Administration of all travel vaccinations

How to avail of our service

Telephone: Reception will take a few details in order for us to give you the appropriate advice

Email: Contact us at and we will call you back and take some details from you.

Download: Click here to download our travel questionnaire. Complete it and return it to us by post, email or fax.

What happens next?

Joan will compile a recommendations list of the vaccines/medication you require within 24 hours of your first contact of receipt of travel information. This can be posted or communicated over the telephone. You are then able to make the necessary appointments to receive the vaccinations.

What does it cost

A flat fee of €30.00 is charged to compile your travel vaccine profile. (This is regardless of the number of people travelling, as long as it is to the same destination)

Click here for information on all your travel vaccination requirements.