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Medical & DVC Card Patient

Medical /DVC Patient Information

Terms of Service for Medical Card Patients

Delvin & Clonmellon would be pleased to provide you and your family with General Medical Services under the HSE Medical Card / Doctor Visit Card schemes.Before completing your application, it is important that you read and understand the terms under which we are able to provide these services to you. We hope that it will help you to make the best decision for you and /or your family in relation to which practice is best placed to provide these services to you.

What service are provided to GMS patients free of charge

  • Access to a doctor in an emergency
  • Routine appointments with a doctor or Nurse
  • Children under 16 will be seen on the same day if clinically appropriate
  • Access to some Nurse Services (Childhood vaccinations, Flu Vaccinations, Cervical Smears)

Appointments & Triage

DCHC runs a full appointment service for both routine and urgent requests. You must telephone the surgery in ALL cases and you will be advised of a time to attend if the request is urgent.

Patients who attend as ‘walk ins’ cannot be accommodated and you may be asked to return at a later time or date.

All same day requests made by phone are subject to nurse triage.

Routine non-urgent appointments can be requested online at

Requests for Prescriptions

We require 2 days notice in order that prescriptions can be reviewed and generated safely. Prescriptions must be collected and will not be faxed or posted under any circumstances. You can specify which chemist you would like your request to be sent too and we will send this by secure eprescription.

Requests can be made telephone or online at

Renewal of Medical Cards

It is the absolute responsibility of the patient to maintain a valid medical card.

Full Private patient fees will be applied to your chart if you attend without a valid card.

Refusal to pay in these circumstances will result in suspension of provision of non urgent services to you pending alternative arrangements made by you for provision of service.

What services are NOT covered by your Medical Card?

  • Routine Blood tests General Medicals
  • Warfarin Monitoring Wound dressings
  • Minor Surgery
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Support letters
  • ALL Non-Social Welfare Forms
  • Passport / Drivers License application
  • Medicolegal reports
  • Private Sick Certificate
  • Completion of no social welfare forms

This list is not exhaustive, therefore if you are unsure if charges will be levied, please ask and we will be happy to tell you. The most up to date information on our charges can be found on our website www.

Home Visits

Home visits are only provided to patients who live within 5 miles of the surgery in exceptional circumstances.

For elderly patients or patients with mobility and transport problems, you should carefully consider any decision to transfer to this surgery, as this may affect our ability to provide you with effective care in the future.You will now be asked to acknowledge in writing receipt of these terms and your agreement of same before your application will be processed. The attached terms of service agreement should be signed by the head of the household.

Following approval and entry to our lists you or your representative must make an initial booking appointment with one of our practice nurses for review of your medical history and current medications. This booking visit must be completed before appointments can be booked with the doc-tor and before you can avail of further services. You will be given a request of medical notes letter for your previous GP, along with consent to release notes letter, which must be delivered by you to their practice. Once you have received the notes, they will be scanned to your computerised DCHC Surgery notes.We look forward to providing you with high quality, accessible care.

Dr Richard Look Tong,