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How to Register

Permanent patients

DCHC can accept new patients. If you would like to register as a permanent patient please contact us. You will first be offered an appointment with a Practice nurse for a New Patient Check (takes 30 minutes). This is a chance for you to have a health check. Following this you will meet with a doctor to assess your health needs.

Please bring all of your current medication to your doctors appointment so this can be entered onto your medical records for repeat prescriptions.

You will be registered with a specified doctor but you have the choice of seeing any doctor in the practice.

Temporary patients

Temporary patients fall into one of the following categories:

  • Patients seeking a 2nd opinion from one of our GP’s with special interests in Dermatology or minor surgery.
  • Patients requiring an independent doctor to complete insurance/ life assurance medicals
  • Patients booked for a minor surgical operation, investigation, vasectomy, IUS contraceptive insertion. (Initial consultation always required)
  • Patients visiting from overseas holding the necessary documentation to receive medical care within the EU (eg European Health Insurance Card)

Click here to read our Terms of service for new Medical Card Patients