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Flu Vaccination Arrangements for DCHC Patients

Flu Vaccination Arrangements for DCHC Patients

The flu vaccination season is well underway, and we are doing our best to secure additional vaccine stocks to meet the needs of our patients. It is essential that all vulnerable categories avail of the FREE vaccine, but please be mindful it may take us longer than usual to achieve our target

Many of you are already aware of the supply shortages and we are only being allocated limited quantities on a 2 weekly delivery cycle (100 ONLY per delivery)

Our eligible population size is 976 patients

We are prioritizing our most vulnerable patient and will keep you informed once vaccines have been received.

For patients already booked and where appointments have had to be rescheduled due to lack of available vaccine, we will be administering vaccines at dedicated afternoon clinics based in Delvin and Clonmellon going forward to these patient’s 1st (20).

Please take note of the schedule as we will not be administering vaccinations outside of these times

Monday Afternoon Tuesday Afternoon Thursday




Clonmellon Delvin& Clonmellon Delvin Delvin &



Children’s Flu vaccine

The practice will be administering children’s flu vaccines once they become available in mid to late October. Stocks are also subject to the limits set out by the HSE so it is important that you keep an eye on the website for further updates and book you appointments

Parents should familiarise themselves with the nasal vaccination which will be used along with the consent procedure that will be required before the vaccination can be administered


Please go to

The practice relies on SMS messaging and social media to disseminate information quickly as it changes on a daily basis. We would appreciate if families with elderly relatives, neighbors, and friends, would communicate this information to persons with little or no access to technology who are often the people we wish to target initially.

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NEXT SCHEDULED DELIVERY                        08/10/2020

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